Rider Registration 2023-24 Cyclo Cross season


Evo Devo are a Community Interest Club whose objectives are to support riders in their development through coaching and racing experiences through their team of coaches and former riders with more than 30 years of experience, riding and taking riders to Europe, racing at all levels from local to World Cups and Championships.


There will be opportunities both domestically and Internationally to gain a step by step experience of racing in Europe, from planning and preparing to enter and travel. To going to the venue, what happens and what you need to do, when and where. All the steps required to enable you comfortably and confidently race in Europe. 


Evo Devo are open for applications from athletes directly who can demonstrate a dialogue with the selectors of both their aspirations and willingness to develop as an athlete. Why they want to attend development weekends both in the UK and in Europe.

Our objective is to provide you with the knowledge to develop your experience as an athlete to prepare and race at a venue in Europe confidently and with self-reliance, be it with family or otherwise.


As part of your application please describe what racing you have completed to date, be it at a local, regional and/or National level. 

  • Please include any information/results that you feel relevant
  • How have you developed as an athlete
  • What has been your greatest challenges as rider in your development
  • What are your aspirations? What do you need to do to get there?


Please ensure that the application is completed by yourself and if there is additional information that you believe is relevant to your application, we would be keen to see your personal thoughts on why you should be selected.


To register please fill in the rider application form https://forms.gle/8uiqzyHUC3VoEc3B9