• All Evo Devo activity is carried out to help meet the overall aims and objectives as explained in the about us section on the EvoDevo website, therefore the riders are selected to fulfil these aims.
  • Rider places on race trips, coaching sessions or on-line sessions will be offered at the discretion and agreement of the EvoDevo selection panel.
  • Places for parents, coaches or volunteers will be offered at the discretion of the EvoDevo selection panel to best meet these aims, and to best support the staff and riders.
  • Each activity will have new rider selections made for that activity.  
  • Numbers of available places will differ for different activities.
Method of Selection
  • Places on trips will be offered to riders selected through a defined selection pathway. 
  • EvoDevo will form a selection panel for each activity, including EvoDevo directors and invited experts in the relevant cycling discipline. 
  • This panel will consist of a minimum of three people and will conduct the selection process and select riders for EvoDevo activities.
  • The panel decision is final and there is no appeal process.
Criteria for 2023-24 Cyclocross Season
  • Riders must have registered with EvoDevo to be selected. Those not already registered will be invited to register.
    • For the 2023-24 season, only Junior riders will be considered.
    • Riders should be at least competing, or planning to compete, in national level events for the current season.
    • Riders will be selected on merit, with selectors looking at a rider’s potential, previous race results, or both.
    • Results for the current 2023-24 cyclocross season as well as the previous 2022-23 cyclocross season will be taken into consideration. Only national or international level event results will be considered.
    • Results will be considered in previous age categories if relevant. 
    • Riders should have clearly demonstrated their ability, or potential ability in that discipline of cycling.