We are proud to be partners with Ride for Charlie.

Through their not-for-profit company they have helped and will continue to fund lots of bike riders’ adventures in the spirit of Charlie Craig, and in that same mindset they have helped EvoDevo fund our first adventure.

Ride for Charlie funds will cover our first race trip.

Ride for Charlie is a foundation supporting inspired young off-road riders. Click hereto learn more about Ride for Charlie 




Lightweight cyclo cross wheels can transform how your bike feels to ride, accelerate and climb.

LOWMASS CYCLO-CROSS wheels have been optimised for racing, each component has been carefully selected balancing weight, strength, cost and performance.

Our published weights are measured rather than claimed, and clearly presented so you can make proper comparisons.  

All of our rims are sub 440g and our lightest is 290g

Rims with a low rotational mass provide a real performance boost. 


Click hereto learn more about Lowmass Cyclo-Cross wheels. 


About us

We love all things outdoors; walking, hiking, running, cycling, adventuring, and have a particular passion for bikes.  It is natural for us to combine these with our desire to make the world a more sustainable place – hence the idea for grity was born.  We design kit that reflects demand for premium, highly technical garments whilst also showcasing our eco-friendly credentials.
How are we a sustainable brand?
As cyclists, we require highly technical, performance fabrics that have many vital characteristics: muscle compression, 4-way stretch, breathability and wick easily.  Traditionally, such garments are made of what we loosely call ‘lycra’ but are in fact, polyester – and polyester is a form of plastic which is particularly harmful to the environment, both in terms of production and decomposition.  Thankfully, it is now possible to create this ‘wonder cycling’ fabric that we so desperately desire by using recycled plastic to create a polyester yarn.  This both reduces the need to create even more new plastic and also provides a less environmentally harmful product in manufacture.  Recycling is key as far as we see it.  All our products are as recycled as possible.
Who are we
We are a small, independent family run business based in the heart of England.  We are brand new and run a tight ship at grity, so you’ll need to jump in quick to make sure you get the size and product you need before stocks are depleted!
Our real love is off-road cycling – be it gravel, mountain bike trails or cyclocross.  At heart we are competitive bike racers, but we’re just as happy riding bikes to commute to work or training on the road (afterall, every ride is a training ride!).  Click here to learn more about Grity clothing 

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a partner, please contact us via this form